Know About Computer-Aided Design (CAD) And Its Types

With software development, the world is becoming easier to access any possibilities. Developers are innovating lots of fresh ideas day by day. With each good idea, the people in the world are moving one step faster and closer to their goals. All fields are evolving with new software developments. In core industries, once the product designs are made through paper and pencil, it is good, but it takes a lot of time. Thanks to developers, the product designs are accessible through computers with CAD software. Nowadays, there are many CAD drawing services to design your desired product. Let us discuss CAD and its types.

What Is CAD?

Computer-Aided Design is shortly called CAD. As the name says, CAD is the software used to design products on computers. It is noted that CAD was first officially developed in the year 1960. Once the CAD came, the development of products in different fields like aerospace, marine, mechanical, medical, etc., was quickly made. CAD is more of a creative process. It is used to design the product by giving the required dimension to the products. The design makes it easier to analyze the product outcome and change it in need.

Lots of CAD software is also developed with unique features. Some primarily used CAD software for beginners rather than professionals are,

  • Free CAD
  • Tinker CAD
  • Blocks CAD
  • CREO
  • Solid Edge
  • Fusion 360

Most professionals use the following software

  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • Siemens NX
  • Inventor (Autodesk)

Types Of CAD

With its size and shape, the types of CAD are determined. There are lots of models created depending on their unique features. The common types among them are,

  • 2D CAD
  • 2.5D CAD 
  • 3D CAD


2D models are the early step OF CAD software. Initially, the engineers designed the products in 2D with this creation. Geometrics like lines, squares, and rectangles are drawn using this software. With the software, we can also draw tables, give dimensions and write texts. Other than these things, geometrics like splines, polylines, and different types of curves are designed by using 2D CAD software. It is used to create models, show models of various elevations and provide unique and detailed information in product development. With CAD drafting services, the objects are efficiently designed. 

2.5D CAD 

This CAD model is somewhere between 2D and 3D designs. Like 2D CAD, the geometric objects are designed using 2.5D CAD. This CAD portrays the in-depth details of the products. This type often produces prismatic models.


The real-world applications are exactly seen through this modeling before manufacturing.3D CADs are like other types used to design products, but it gives an absolute representation of the product in three dimensional space. With 3D CAD, more analysis is made in the development stage of the product. As most industries design using this model, there are different types of 3D models created with their unique features, and there are more 3D modeling services to give your desired product. The commonly used types are,

  • Boolean 3D modeling
  • Solid 3D modeling
  • Primitive 3D modeling
  • Box 3D modeling
  • Polygonal 3D modeling
  • Wireframe 3D modeling
  • Surface 3D modeling

Now, you would have some understanding of CAD and its types.